The Wolfpack

The winner of the 2015 Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival, The Wolfpack tells the story of a group of six brothers who have lived their lives in isolation in a small New York City apartment. Home-schooled by their mother and only allowed to go outside a few times a year, the boys have looked to movies as a way to understand and explore the outside world and escape the confines of their apartment. They create their own intricate props from cardboard and elaborately recreate their favorite films, including Reservoir Dogs, The Dark Knight and the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Director Crystal Moselle got to know the family and was granted access to film their lives, as the boys slowly start to break free from the tyrannical rule of their father. Taking a non-judgmental view of this decidedly unconventional family she has created an unforgettable film that is unsettling, but nonetheless cements the undeniable power of cinema to inspire.

TitleThe Wolfpack

Director: Crystal Moselle

Country: USA

Language: Engelska  

Running Time: 80 min

Year: 2015

Featuring: The Angulo Family

Grand Jury Prize Documentary – The Sundance Film Festival

Best Documentary – Edinburgh International Film Festival

”Altogether fascinating. The Wolfpack wonʼt just “find an audience”, it will inspire people to revisit and peck for clues.” – The Guardian

”A truly stranger-than-fiction portrait” – Variety

”A fascinating experience” – Indiewire

”Weird and original” – Screen International

“An out-of-nowhere wallop.” – The Village Voice

”This is a film less about gawking than about watching—the power of movies as escapism, and, quite literally, escape..” – Film Comment



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